Who is the VUSN?

Welcome to the Virtual United States Navy (VUSN) and your opportunity to learn and enjoy virtual naval aviation at its finest. The VUSN was established in December 1999 by Todd Cox (USN ret.) and Mark Di Domenico (USN ret.) with the goal of affording opportunities for fellow simmers that enjoy naval aviation. Membership is open to mature individuals (at least 21 years of age) of any nationality and our membership currently covers many time zones. The VUSN was built on the philosophy of setting the bar high while at the same time allowing pilots to enjoy our hobby of Naval Aviation simulation.

The VUSN operates two distinct simulation platforms: DCS World for combat operations, and POSCON for logistics (FLSW) and search and rescue (SAR) operations. DCS World operate under CVW-7 and is for dedicated DCS pilots looking for FUN and camaraderie within an organizational structure like a real-world carrier air wing. One specific policy of the VUSN is that we want dedicated and focused DCS pilots only flying with one group. While we hope that is the VUSN, we believe that you should focus your efforts and provide 100% support of one group. The VUSN tries to emulate real-world procedures, tactics, and aircraft systems usage, thus one needs to spend time honing one's piloting and procedural skills. POSCON operations are for logistics (FLSW) based flight using passenger/cargo aircraft and search and rescue (SAR) operations using helicopters. Simulation platforms supported include: MSFS 2020, P3D, FSX, and XPlane. While we have the feel of a military structure, we strive to provide a relaxed, non-competitive virtual military logistics organization.

Whether you’re a novice (Nugget) to DCS or an expert (CAG) you are welcome to join and experience the thrill of what carrier operations and Naval Aviation has to offer. We offer a relaxed training environment with hands on learning from our Fleet pilots and they will have you up and flying with the squadron and fleet in no time.

So, if this interests you, please click on the image below and get ready to strap on your favorite carrier aircraft and fly with the VUSN.


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